As a specialist children’s piano teacher, Steph created Mini Mozarts to enable all children to have the opportunity to learn to play the piano in a fun and innovative way.

Piano Lessons Age 4+

Our one to one piano lessons are held at a number of Primary Schools.

Teacher Resources

Do you need help getting your students motivated to learn and practice at home?

Children's Online Piano Course

Learn to play the piano at home in your own time..


Piano Friends

Meet our piano friends who help make learning FUN!

Award Winning – Children’s Best Piano Teaching Service

Making it easy to learn at home in a FUN way!


Out with the old and in with the new!!

A more fun, innovative, affordable and convenient way for children to learn to play the piano and music theory. With fun videos, worksheets and games your child won’t even realise they’re learning.. and who knows, you may learn a thing or two yourself. This beginners course teaches children the foundation of playing the piano giving them a head start in their musical journey. Recommended for children aged 4+


You do not need a piano to complete this course, a simple keyboard will be fine..



Games & Resources

Mini Mozarts Method

Download and print worksheets to use at home. Whether your child is a Mini Mozart with us already, a complete beginner or has some musical knowledge, there are worksheets and games suited to everybody.


Fab fun course that my little one loved!

He really liked the fun characters and the little animations that brought them to life.

As soon as we finished one section he couldn’t wait to start the next.

James Goodchild


Learning to play the piano has changed so much since I had lessons, and for the better. Steph has an amazing, modern approach to teaching piano to youngsters.

I’m amazed to see the results of my Grandchildren, Adam 6 and more recent William 4. The practice at 6:40am is better than any alarm clock.

Pauline Williams


We are grateful for how much enjoyment Mini Mozarts are giving to our 6 year old as he learns not just to play the piano but more importantly to love learning to make music.

Sonya Doragh


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