Amadeus’ Aunty

Let me introduce you to our last Character, Amadeus’ Aunty.


She is named after the one and only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born in Austria and is one of the most famous composers of all time. He began composing music from the age of 5 years old and performed before European royalty #cleverclogs
Even Beethoven thought Mozart was awesome and composed his own early works in the shadow of him.
Mozart died in Vienna at the very early age of 35.
Click the image below to download and print your Mini Mozart their last colouring picture.
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Online Piano Course – Tutorial


Hey all,

Last week I promised to do a video tutorial on how to use my Children’s Online Piano Course as I had a number of people contact me who were concerned they weren’t ‘techie’ enough to use it.

Also you do not need to have a piano at home to complete the course, a simple keyboard that has weighted keys is perfect!

This video shows you just how simple it is to work your way through the course but if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at or visit my Instagram page

Steph x

Weekly Challenge – Creative Ways to Play It Again

Do you struggle to get your child to practice?

The majority of us know what it feels like to get your child to do their homework and sometimes piano practice is no different #thestruggleisreal

Well I am here to help! Each week I will be posting a challenge for Creative Ways to Play It Again, to get your child enjoying their practice time. These creative ways will be sure to have your little one chuckling while they learn #winwin

Here is their first challenge.. have them practice their piece with their left eye closed ?

Why not post your child, or yourself if you play too, doing the challenge and tag me at @minimozartsmusic or use the hashtag #minimozartsmethod so I can see ?

Share the challenge with someone who you think would also like to take part #weeklychallenge

Pianist Magazine

If you caught my Instagram stories over the weekend you will have seen me opening this amazing mail I received from the Pianist Magazine. They sent me these two issues from the past year of their monthly subscription magazine in the UK which includes interviews of great pianists, a number of piano pieces marked as beginner, intermediate and advanced – Each issue also comes with a CD containing recordings of all the pieces – Q&A’s sent in from readers and some great info on upcoming piano workshops across the world.

I’m so happy these magazines were sent to me and only wish I knew of them earlier. Not only are they great for pianists but also teachers who can use them with their own students whether it’s to use the sheet music to learn new pieces, for sight-reading or exercises.

Now time to put the kettle on and indulge 🙂 #metime

You can subscribe to the magazine here