If you saw my stories yesterday on Instagram you would’ve seen these amazing Composer baby books that I found over the weekend and as promised I have the details for you.
I came across these when looking for some books for my 7 month old and I just couldn’t resist. They even play one of the composers pieces at the touch of a button 🙂 They are in French but hey why not teach your little one another language at the same time. There aren’t too many words so time to brush the cobwebs off that French you learnt in school. And if not then there’s always Google translate 😉 haha!
There were only the Beethoven & Back books in the shop where I found them in but when I’ve looked online they also do them for Mozart and Vivaldi – I will be purchasing these also.
If you would like some of these books for your little one then just go to their website www.deux-coqs-dor.fr or you can order them on Amazon