Phew, it’s nice to sit down with a cup of tea and just reflect. On what once started as a thought and an image in my head that has now developed and unfolded right in front of me. With just a vision to one day be able to have an impact on a child’s life through teaching music and to see it come to life has been a wonderful experience and an achievement I will be forever proud and grateful for.


The aim was to get children involved in learning to play the piano at a fairly young age considering most piano lessons start at age seven. So my drive to put something out there for even younger children was at a high. I now have children as young as four years of age and they are a joy to teach. We have so much fun and the smiles on their faces when they come to my lessons and leave my door fill me with so much gratitude.


I remember imagining my company branching out to schools and one day having teachers help with my Mini Mozarts. I now offer lessons to over 5 schools , pending a lot more, with two new teachers who have recently joined my team who share the same vision and passion that I do. But with rapid rates of interest and willing participants, I am working extremely hard to meet these demands by continuing to find suitable teachers to help guide our Mini Mozarts and cater to the growing demand.


It really is a breath of fresh air to go away from the old school teaching and learning that I had as a child where my teacher sounded robotic and the lessons lacked atmosphere, games and fun! So I really wanted to change it up a bit and create an environment where children could come to learn and have fun at the same time. As we know, if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself it’s much easier to be engaged and have things register.


The thing about acting on your thoughts, taking an idea, working on it and believing in yourself is that you never know where it will take you. When I sat picturing Mini Mozarts future many years ago, I never thought that it would expand overseas, or that it was even a possibility. I actually never had any intention of living in a foreign country, let alone take my business there and attract so much interest. It really is overwhelming.


So I am excited to set off on a new adventure in the South of France to see Mini Mozarts build and flourish over there. But it is also with great sadness that I have to leave my students back here in the UK. You can’t help but get attached to the children. I’ve received letters of “don’t go’s” to tears of “we’ll miss you’s” and also asked by one parent to write in her daughters book of influential people in her life that she is planning to give to her at the end of her schooling. It is just the most touching thing to know I’ve had an impact on these children and parents lives.


As sad as it is to part ways, I have great confidence that I’m leaving them in good hands and my teachers will continue to provide the same love and passion that I have. It also gives my students peace of mind that I am always just a call or message away as despite moving, I will always be available to help and follow their progress.


It has been a busy few months for Mini Mozarts also launching it’s first ever online starter course. The course has been designed by myself from information gathered along the way that really flicked a light bulb. From children who couldn’t commit to weekly lessons or lived too far away to those who were just to shy to attend something new or just simply couldn’t afford it. So with all this in mind I put together a starter course which is cost-effective and at your disposal to share with other siblings but most importantly a fun way to spend time with your children as you help guide them through the course and watch them grow as a Mini Mozart. Learn how you can get your hands on the course by visiting us at


So this isn’t a goodbye, it’s a Bonjour to new beginnings and a see you soon to my Mini Mozarts,

Steph x